Raw and Cosy

This is a refurbishment project of an apartment with approximately a 120 sq. m living area. The space is comprised of a lounge area & a kitchen area, two bedrooms, two bathrooms and two balconies. On entering you are welcomed by the overwhelming sense of warmth and cosiness which is seemingly in contrast to the raw unpolished surfaces that surround you.

The redesign aimed to combine the kitchen, dining and lounge area into an open space. The materials chosen in this project are either natural or unpolished: a brick wall, tarnished galvanised sheeting and a tree trunk are the three elements that dominate the mood. The feeling of rough and cold surfaces is balanced well with warm earthy colours, emphasised by textiles with ethnic patterns. There is also softness that is brought by the accent lighting and last but not least by the fire coming from the fireplace.

project: autors – Tania Stancheva and Silvia Harizanova.

Photos: Asen Balabanov

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