100м2 – 100% design

When we have a clear vision of how to blend good functionality with creative design we can achieve maximal comfort in 100m2. The seamless entrance to a particular area of use is realised by combining different interior elements. Lighting panels with printed artwork of stamped concrete from Venelin Molnar extend the kitchen units.
The focal point of this home is a special relaxation zone in the lounge area which works both as a part of this area and, in its other configuration, as a personal space separated with screens that slide from the side.
The open spaces are the most popular solution in contemporary living. The predominant monochrome colour is accentuated with bright colour accessories: a carpet, a table, gold trunks. Clean forms, minimal design and good function combined with natural materials: wood, marble, metal and glass lead the development of this project.

Project: authors Tatyana Stancheva and Silvia Harizanova, Photos: Alexander Novoselsky

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