Whirpool Glamour

The kitchen is often envisaged as the heart of the home. It is most commonly the place where everyone gathers to be together. When we think of a kitchen there are two elements that are essential for it to function: water and fire. The concept of this project is to juxtapose the natural unique environment against the cutting edge technology design of the appliances from the Whirlpool Glamour range– a reflection of our reality. The materials in this project are consistent with the concept:  the cold perfection of the stainless steal is opposed to the organic qualities of wood. The splashback between the upper and the lower kitchen units is filled with a photo of river stones printed over toughened glass. The kitchen design is stylish but minimal in order to translate seamlessly to the appliances in the Glamour range. The innovative touch in this work are the slanted facia surfaces of both upper and lower the cupboards units.  The island is in the shape of an untipped pyramid which allows it to be more accessible as well as offers a uniquely stylish look. The lower kitchen units use sliding doors in order utilise the space in the best possible way. The project is compliant with all the requirements for a contemporary kitchen space.

Project: authors – Tatyana Stancheva and Silvia Harizanova

3D visualization: Tatyana Stancheva

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