IDEAL STANDARD Bath of the year awards

In the era of high technology, the need to return to nature is ever growing. In response to this need we have developed a stylish and elegant bathroom which comprises a set of innovative products from IDEAL STANDARD, situated in a space that is nature. The motivation for this concept is to demonstrate the natural symbiosis that exists between high technology and nature.

Architectural plan

The idea is to offer an en-suite bathroom – in this way we offer not only best access to the space but also the possibility for the bathroom to become a home SPA where the clients can not only meet their needs for hygiene, but also could indulge in personal relaxation. The floor plan is with separated zones (responding to the current architecture trends) allowing more relevant use of the space. The floor under the bathroom visually separates the zones. The natural light and the beautiful view through the framing window offer another aspect to the relaxation.

Materials & Concept

This proposal uses predominantly natural finishes. There is water proof sheeting by Flint (FLINT Laminados) on the wall and the floor adjacent to the shower unit. The same material is extended to the zone with the toilet and the bidet.   A mosaic from natural stone is installed on the floor and the wall adjacent to the shower unit.  The focal point is the stunning Soft bathtub and the panel behind it. The panel serves both as a lighting unit and as a decoration enhancement. Itis inspired by a tree cutting and is coated with resin. The materials are a combination of several exotic trees. The floor underneath the bath tub is finished with stamped concrete. There is a shelving unit that screens the bath tub from the unexpected visitor. The shelving unit serves as a storage solution and the mat glass finish adds to the feeling of light and space. The wall opposite is a surreal print of grass. The idea is to be a reflection of the living plants outside the window.

Project: authors Tatyana Stancheva and Silvia Harizanova

3D visualization: Tatyana Stancheva

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